Not just safe,
but reliable!

HIGH QUALITY SAFETY GEAR for utilities and municipalities. NO HASSLES for over 30 years.

Keep your company compliant, limit liability, and provide the safest choices for your employees with ShopReliable, our proprietary safety apparel management program.

Reliable High Performance Products supplies safety gear and apparel, and for over 30 years we’ve been the proven provider for utilities, municipalities and any company that want to keep employees safe.

Make safety gear ordering and tracking simple for you and your employees with our no-risk guarantee.

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Word Hard Hard Work Pledge

Physical labor gets a bad rap. The truth is, there is nothing less honorable about working in the field versus working behind a desk. In fact, our country was built by people willing to get dirty and get the job done. Join us as we celebrate those who work hard.

Life is too short for boring emails that clog your inbox like a California freeway on a sunny day.

Join us and discover why we have been providing safety apparel and gear to utilities and municipalities across the country for over 30 years.

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