Hard Work Pledge

All employment has value
Join a movement of people changing the narrative that skilled jobs are less desirable careers

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It is the individual that makes a successful career. America was built on an ethic of working hard and getting the job done.

There is a huge market of skilled jobs going unfilled because there is no one trained or willing to do the work — a result of the misplaced idea that education is the only path to having a successful career. At the same time, college graduates amass debt and struggle to find jobs. Take the pledge, and help us spread the word about the value of skilled workers, while celebrating the value of hard work.

Do you believe…

  • Skilled employment is just as important to a healthy economy as knowledge workers. Success does not mean you sit behind a desk and owe ten of thousands of dollars for a four-year degree.
  • All jobs have intrinsic value.Every job is an opportunity to feel good about making a contribution and receiving compensation for a job well done.
  • Every job requires skill.Lifelong learning is a requirement for all jobs, no job is a dead end if one is committed to learning how to do the job better.
  • Being compliant with safety standards is the minimum.Being safe means caring about doing the job with passion and enthusiasm.
  • We all contribute to a thriving work environment.A positive attitude is the key to creating a working environment that breeds success for individuals and organizations.

If you agree, sign below and help us spread the word that all employment is to be celebrated and that working hard is what makes any job and opportunity to succeed.

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